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Digital Olympus E20


Problem: Black viefinder and you can see nothing, when you press the button to take the photo the sound "click" it is there but no picture at all when you try to review.

What we got inside:

First of all, we checked the camera and found that this was working well, except for the shutter, that kept closed after turn the camera on.




It was required a major strip down to reach the shutter, located inside of the zoom lens, in a deep place.






Once shutter removed we got worn shutter blades due to the excessive magnet attraction.





Solution: Our engineer suggested inserting a SMD resistor (4,3 Ohm) in order to solve the problem. This resistor reduced the quantity of energy that reaches the magnet, just enough to avoid the blow that "hurts" the shutter blades.


The dangerous moment: Taking apart the motherboard is the tensional time, due to the amount of connections and others.

The tricky moment: Disassembling and reassembling the zoom lens

No secondary problems has been observed.


Our question is: Is this this problem related to all Olympus E20?


More in the future...